Make Money Online Without Selling Anything

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Mar 21, 2018
Right then, what I’ll do is show you the best way you can use to generate income online right now, if you want.

Not only is the free to implement, but you’re literally building a business at the same time too.

Oh, one last thing before we begin…

As I take you through the entire method in this answer, I’ll be linking to additional resources as you go along.

Now don’t worry - every one of these resources are all 100% free so there’s nothing at all for sale at all.

I’m basically linking to these resources as they better explain a particular method than I possibly could and they’ll take you “step by step” through it as well.

Right then, lets begin…

  1. Find Profitable Market:
The first thing that you must do is find a lucrative market.

Now everyone will say to go into a market with low competition.

Me personally, I think that’s complete, utter crap myself.

In fact, you should do the complete oppersite…

You know, enter huge, thriving market instead… As that’s where the money is.

I also recommend entering a market you’re enthusiastic and/or knowledgable about as well.

Why? Well, for the very simple reason it’ll make your life easier, that’s all.

I mean lets face it, if you’re going to turn it into a career, it may as well be something you enjoy, right.

So when you’ve discovered a market you’re interested in, it’ll resonate in your work and you’ll draw in much more customers and sales a result.

It’ll walk you by the hand throughout the whole process of finding a lucrative market in no time, at all.

Not to mention, it’s free to implement too:)

Right then, as soon as you’ve finished that step, it’s time to…

2. Finding a Profitable Affiliate Offer:

Alright, so you’ve chosen your market you want to operate in… Now you will need a profitable product to promote.

There are a lot of affiliate networks available where you can find products to promote.

To name a few: Clickbank, Commission Junction, JVZoo etc.

There’s way more but that’s more than enough to get you started.

So head over to one of the affiliate network marketplace and pick a product to promote.

Here’s some helpful tips to finding profitable products to promote:

  1. If you’re going into the internet market niche – check out JVZoo and Warrior Plus over Clickbank as that’s where IM product vendors tend to post their products these days.
2. Complete systems designed to take you from start to finish that is aimed at beginners convert the best. So look for complete step by step systems.

3. The sales letter needs A LOT of proof elements like testimonials, case studies, income proofs etc. In fact, the more proof the vendor supplies… The higher the conversions tend to be.

4. When you’ve found a product to promote, do a Google search and make sure there’s NO bad reviews for the product because the more bad reviews… The more it’ll negatively affect your conversions.

5. Learn copywriting – copywriting is basically sales writing and although you won’t learn it over night… It’ll teach you how to spot high converting sales letters quicker, that and it’s a vital skill for any aspect of internet marketing anyway.

Once you’ve picked a product, then it’s time for the next step.

Also, there’s this free training you can use to find high converting affiliate offers that pay big commissions:

3. Hosting Your Offer:

Right then, you’ve found a market and you’ve got a product to promote.

What you need to do is build your own website.

Now there’s a few ways around this but I’m going to show you how to build your own fully functioning website using free methods.

The two best sites in my opinion are Wix and Weebly.

They both use easy to use “drag and drop” website builders.

So you don’t have to learn complicated website language like HTML or CCS etc.

Now if you want a guide that walks you step by step on how to setup your first website, then I recommend checking out this free guide here:

That guide will walk you step by step through the entire process so check it out if you need a hand to build your first website.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time for…

4. Getting Traffic:

Now there’s like, a gazillion ways of getting traffic to your website - both free and paid methods.

So what I’m going to do is share a few of my favourite traffic methods…

Traffic Method 1:

The first one is one I like to call the “Youtube Piggy-Back Method”…

This is where you create a simple video and then ethically steal the views of popular Youtube videos.

Like I said, this is totally legit, plus it’s free to implement too.

It’s awesome way of getting ranked in Youtube and Google search results too.

Plus, this is completely set and forget too… So this is gonna help massively with building a consistent income online as the traffic comes in passively everyday.

Traffic Method 2:

This is another set and forget traffic method that will bring in traffic to your site passively.

Now what’s really cool about this is that it’s “Buyer” traffic - the best traffic you can get, basically.

So when you send this traffic to your website, you’re gonna notice a massive leap in commissions.

This is because the people coming over to your site are conditioned to buy because they want to accelerate the results, you see.

Traffic Method 3:

This is another traffic method I’m getting awesome results from.

Once again, it’s free to implement and it’s set and forget too.

So you do the work once and the traffic comes in on complete auto-pilot.

You can even use this method as a complete standalone method to make money as well.

So if you don’t want to go down the whole email marketing route (although I recommend you do though) you cab try autopilots.

Drop your question if you have any.
Nov 4, 2018
Hmn! Thanks(y) for this so many info & tips you just dropped in this small post, am so Wowed:eek::love: a lady could pour out all this.
However, I do have some questions I want to ask.

1. The traffic method 3 You talked about isn't complete as you didn't really say antyhing about it/go into details of it. Probably you unconsciously omitted a few lines while writing the Post.

2. Pls can You also throw more light on the traffic method 2?How can the "Buyer Traffic" method be achieved?

3. Then How can I ethically steal the views of popular Youtube videos lke You said in Traffic Method 1?

Now if you want a guide that walks you step by step on how to setup your first website, then I recommend checking out this free guide here:

That guide will walk you step by step through the entire process so check it out if you need a hand to build your first website.
Then You didn't drop the link/hyperlink to the guide on setting up the website for the Product, I think omitted that do.

Anticipating for your reply. Pls Am so sorry:( If I asked too much questions
Thanks in Advance.