Mobogram for Android v.T5.3.1.M11.3

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Apr 6, 2018
尊️ Mobogram for Android
? v.T5.3.1.M11.3

♠ ♥The super popular app
Ⓜ️Backup (MTProto) Proxy store to unlimited number

♻️ Change log??
? One-way connectivity (only receive information)
? Custom tabs
? Ability to add tab (tab) with the title and icon to the original page
? Ability to add and remove conversations from a custom tab
? Ability to filter group members and channels
☑□ Multiple operations in the group and channel list
➖ Ability to delete multiple hyperlinks and hyperlinks in Advanced Ferrard
✏️ Option to display the message editing icon next to the message
? Display the edit icon instead of the text "edited" in the message
? Possibility to retrieve proxy tiles
? Displays the ping proxy before saving
? Display the file name in the title of the message operation
⌨️ Removing Mobogram Keyboard

? Telegram changes:

? Possibility to create polls in groups and channels
? Displays the number of online members in the subgroups
? Ability to apply fading effects to background images
? Ability to adjust the color and apply the pattern to it for the background
? New backgrounds
⛔️ Ability to apply new restrictions for groups
⭕️ Ability to restore the deleted conversation before 5 seconds

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