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Dec 19, 2017
Nigerian music, Foreign music, all genres of music whatsoever is in the music market today because of promotion, music made without promotion is as good as worthless. Musicians these days in nigeria promote their tracks through instagram, twitter, snapchat and even facebook. music promoters as well tend to rake in big bucks as they promote the music of a renowed musician via social media, gone are those days when music could only be promoted by airtime play on the radio and on tv channels, these days the music industry is making use of the limitless possibilities of social media. A very good example of this is Big shaq's "Mans not hot" which brought up fuss on social media and went on to be a great hit worldwide.The song which was originally a freestyle on radio was promoted on youtube and then on instagram sooner or later we begun to see individuals sing the lyrics of the song on their snap chat page as well as mime or dance to the song. Social media music promoters made that song what it is today and without its promotion there would be no hit track , hence music is all in its promotion these days not even its production.