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Web Hosting


New member
Dec 22, 2017
First and foremost let us split the compound sentence; whats music in this context? Its a work, or an item, produced, mixed and mastered by somone. What then is promotion? In a simple term i define that as EXPANDING OR EXTENDING d viewers or earer, thereby making it go far.
Music production is a very important area of music in which it enables ones music to b heard beyond a specific area and limited parts.
It could be by;
1. Radio stations
2. DJ
3. Televission stations
4. Blog spot
5. Website advert, to mention a few.
Its various importance;
1. Makes one music go viral
2. Increases the chances of getting more concerts and shows
3. Increases fans both far and near.
4. Increases payments.
Music promotions are specially done by disignated companies, all one need do is pay and expect ur service. The importance of music promotion cannot be over emphasised neither can it be negletted in the music world.