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New member
Dec 23, 2017
Do you know Adam had more than one wife?

Do you know Eve wasn't even his first wife?

I'm not joking??. This is actually a plot in Mohcoleth, I really didn't plan to reveal it this early.


Hold fast... This is going to shock you ?


Okay... His first wife is Lilith, the mother of demons.


Calm down... Let that sink in first cos what is to come is quite funny ?


So she was created alongside him from the earth.

Problems arose when they wanted to have sex. Adam told her to lie down, she didn't want to. She wanted to be on top...cos she had equal rights as him since they were both created same day and same way. ?

I'm not joking I swear ??

Adam no gree, she no gree too... and she ran away after. Adam complained to God, who sent angels after her but gave them a specific instruction not to bring her against her will. She still didn't want to come, and instead made a deal with the angels to be "stealing" babies before they're 12 days old, and in return her own kids (she later copulated with Archangel Samael) who are what we know as demons will die, hundred of them each day.

She has been depicted to be a symbol of modern day feminism ??. According to the story too, God had to create Eve out of Adam so she'll be submissive to him ??

A quick Google Search might help if you think I'm lying...or search for the word Lilith in any dictionary.