New: Free Unlimited Youtube Browsing, Streaming And Video downloads with Glo Network!

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Dec 19, 2017
If you haven't read this, check it out now! still working flawlessly with super speed. Hacked! Non-stop Youtube Streaming And Downloads on the YoutubeGo App using Mtn Network

So today am gonna be sharing with y'all another one from Glo, called Glo YouTube plan well it's a plan introduce not quite long which allow users to enjoy non stop streaming and downloading on the Glo Network, so am going to be sharing how you can stream and download unlimitedly on the YouTube app or YouTube Go app today.

Things you are gonna be needing

  • A Glo Sim
  • A strong 3G / 4G Network coverage
  • YouTube or YouTube Go App
  • A Subscription Of 500# and above
Here's how to do this

Subscribe to a data plan of N500 or N1000, cuz am currently on their N500 data plan of 2Gb without any auto-renewal{will be shared soon}. Now after subscribing, wake up before 1am or few minutes before 1am to quick start the YouTube unlimited Streaming and downloading which Last for 4hours each night

Open your YouTube App or the YouTube Go App and enjoy non stop streaming and downloading

Things to Note: make sure you check your data plan to see if it being deducted but you later deduced that it ain't deducting anything from your current data.

Also During this time rate remember that you can only stream, download and upload on YouTube without your data being deducted so which mean you can't browse with it or do any other thing because if you do so, then your data will surely be deducted when browsing other site apart from YouTube.

Share with others tho!