New Twitter Trick to Gain 500 Real Followers Daily (No Violations)

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Dec 12, 2017
Buying followers is a big turn off, since Twitter developed a measure that automatically suspends your account or delete those spam followers. Before this time it has never been a great idea because all you see is the number of followers that are dumb with no conversion or sales.

Here's the big deal, there is a new trick allowed by Twitter itself to gain real followers. No rule violation or anything to worry about. It has helped me gained over 2,000 real followers in few days.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.37.09 PM.png

There are some hashtags to works supercool and each comes with time and it's guaranteed to give you at least 500 followers if you run it round the clock. Here's the list below:

#1DDrive -- USA
#TrapaDrive -- South-Africa
#TrapaDriveGain -- South-Africa
#GainWithXtianDela -- Kenya
#GainWithPyeWaw -- Kenya
#AmbitiousFollowers -- Not verified
#GhanaFollowTrain -- Ghana
#MzanziFollowTrain -- Zimbabwe
#NewGains -- Not verified
#TheGainTeam -- Not verified
#NaijafollowTrain -- Nigeria
#MolueFollowRush -- Nigeria
#MGWV -- Not verified
#TeamCaramac -- Not verified
#XGAINS -- Not verified
#TheGlobalFollowTrain -- USA

You can use these tags from 7pm. U.S.A tags works almost at anytime. You can always gain in 2018.

Which of the hashtags are you using to gain more on twitter?
Jul 10, 2018
Twitter is widely used for interact and know about celebrity and update with news also but now twitter is also used business i am doing business from twitter and i get good followers on daily basis just because ECIR pro, they guys help me for get more followers