Planning to Move From One Blogging Niche To Another? Here is What You Need to Know.

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Feb 16, 2018
First let’s start with what is meant by A SWITCH IN BLOGGING NICHE

A switch in blogging niche is the process by which bloggers migrate their websites from one niche to another for certain reasons which basically is due to the fact that certain blogging niches do not pay very well to bloggers. So they tend to migrate from one niche to another in search of a greener pasture.

“Who doesn’t like easy money? I Guess no one”.

Do not get me wrong when I say “Sometimes Blogging niche affects our revenue and ability to make some cash blogging” but never to worry I will explain this as we go on.

How does blogging niche affect our earnings as bloggers

It is an established fact that several blogging niches pay better than another. Take for instance, insurance niche pays better than dating niche and so do webmaster over entertainment. Notwithstanding this fact several bloggers in the so called low paying niche still make it big time.

This is basically why sometimes we see several bloggers who started in a low paying niche eg entertainment and finally ended up in some niche like insurance, finance and also technology.

“This works best when your domain name is not too related to the former niche, basically a customized domain name with maybe your name”.

Switching blogging niche is a smart move when it comes to bloggers who have already found out the secrete behind niche blogging and how to make money with it.

“I knew a friend and a co-blogger who migrated his website from entertainment to technology and he is getting better returns currently than before”.

Since we have explained what switching blogging niche is all about, I suppose we could now look into what you should really know while attempting to make such a dreadful decision in your website.

What you should know switching blogging niche

. It will Reduce your google SERP ranking

Google ranks niche websites better than general websites in terms of SERPS I hope you know?

When you create your website, the original niche it was first created in will start ranking first in search engine results and equally google will start ranking your articles and also optimizing them.
When such posts are indexed for search engine result and your website finally started appearing on search results, if you happened to change your niche you will start loosing those visitors who tend to visit your website through your google indexed articles.

This basically happens when they visit your website through your post which ranks on google only to find out its not there and they are reDirected to your homepage.

. It will Reduce your potential visitors

When visitors who loved your original website contents comes along and finds other contents there they will immediately backoff.

Let’s take an example here…

“When you run an entertainment blog and your visitors loved your writings and they developed a passion for reading what you updated, they will feel disappointed and angry when they happened to visit your website to find out that your website now writes about how to make money online”

Imagine lailasblog writing about how to make money online?

This drift in concern will immediately make your web visitors to have lesser interest in your website and this directly decrease your web visitors.

. It will Kill your viewers interest

Like rightly said above, this action will reduce your website visitors and still render the remaining loyal visitors of yours with low interest on your web contents as it never interests them any longer.
When your website viewers interest is killed, it takes time to rekindle the emotion they felt when they read your website contents, that is if it will ever be rekindled again.

. It Creates doubts in your left aside audience

This equally leaves a sense of doubt in your audience that even if they stayed with you, do you have the confidence to write your articles like you do write them before and several other infidelity questions which will come up inside them.

. It Doesn’t encourage advertisers

If you are being looked upon as a person who owned a website that will be suitable for paid direct advert, you will loose that focus once you have started moving your website from one niche to another.

It is always considered that you should not give any valueable to a person who doesn’t know how to keep what he owns or posesses.

. Lastly, You will loose traffic and also loose revenue

Wrap up

Going through the process of changing your website niche is good but you have to get this in your mind first that getting your visitors interested with your website again will require your being an expert and an authority in the niche you choose.
This is basically done by those bloggers who monetize using google Adsense, please bloggers take note.

Source: Planning to Move From One Blogging Niche To Another? Here is What You Need to Know. - Blogincomes blog-incomes.jpg