Questions For Digital Marketing Budget

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Web Hosting
May 1, 2018
Digital marketing budget depends on may factors and sometimes you might do it by yourself or use the service of a digital marketing agency to achieve faster results.

Following are the questions first must be cleared:
  1. What's product and services you would like to market?
  2. Where you wish to market your product and services?
  3. Competitive analysis of your business competitions.
  4. Which gender you wish to target your product and services?
Digital marketing agency can help you to fix all your questions.

According to your product and services they will make a strategy.

Basic steps include:

Website creation (dynamic website, E commerce website)

* Domain name and hosting.

* SEO Services (target for organic traffic and DA, PA Building)

* PPC services (depends on keyword, geographical area where you target your ads)

* Facebook advertisement (for brand awareness, reach, New and fresh leads)

You can contact BHN Digital to draw out your budget and launch you digital marketing campaign.
There are huge roles of social media in digital marketing. Social media marketing is a powerful platform for promoting your brand or business. Social media connect you to your target audience and increase your brand popularity in a short time. The popular social media platforms are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Snapchat. Here you can share informative images, videos which properly describe your business features and services.