SEO in 2018: Ranking Factors and 5 Tips to Boost Your SEO

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May 1, 2018
Search engines are constantly trying to improve the user experience by changing their algorithms at least 500 times a year to improve their performance and get the best results possible. Google has 200 different ranking factors that can affect the rankings of your website. For this reason, SEO is constantly evolving.

As tactics are continually changing, it often seems impossible to maintain the ranking of your site. It can also be difficult to decide which tactics and which plugins should be integrated into your SEO strategy. Yet 93% of online business starts with the search engine, so being on the front page is vital. Not only will the rankings strongly encourage users to trust your website and business, but you will get more traffic.

The first five results receive 75.7% of clicks. So even if you are on the front page, you might not get as much traffic as you need.

Ranking factors

SemRush has published a new study on ranking factors by compiling data from more than 600,000 keywords from their international bases (United States, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and other countries) and the top 100 positions in the SERPs. for each one of them.

As part of this study, this SemRush infographic illustrates the following:

  • 45% - the difference in length of the content between Top-3 and position 20.
  • 49% - the bounce rate for areas that are positioned in Top-3.
  • 20% of referring domains make more links to websites that are in the second position than in the first - "fall due to brand keywords".
  • 65% of domains that are positioned on high volume keywords are in HTTPS.
  • 18% of domains that are positioned on high volume keywords have no keyword in the body.
  • 2.2 times more backlinks lead to URLs on the first position than on the second - "high-volume spike".
  • 10,000 - the difference in number of referring domains between the 2nd and 10th positions in the high volume keyword segment.
  • 3-3.5 pages are visited per session when the user accesses a website by searching.
  • 3% of backlinks contain a keyword in their anchor text.
You can easily understand why it is essential to stay abreast of SEO news.

By 2018, there are several ways to modernize your SEO strategy to improve your rankings.

Here are the 5 best ways we have found to improve your SEO in 2018.

1. Google AMP

The Google AMP project, or Accelerated Mobile Pages , is an open-source software launched in 2016 to improve the performance of a mobile site. Integrating the MPA into your strategy is essential because most people use mobile as their primary source of Internet access. For this reason, Google prefers websites that offer a great user experience, no matter what device they are on. A site that has been optimized for mobile adaptation based on the device used. It changes for tablets and mobiles, prioritizing information and images while creating larger buttons and reformatting content for easy reading.

AMP improves the speed at which the website loads on different devices, allowing for immediate page loading regardless of the device. It is able to display the image, the advertisements and the iframes and to decide which position and which size should be put forward and downloaded this so that the user does not need to wait for one of the resources be downloaded.

2. JSON Schema

The schema JSON is part of the move to encourage Google to provide rich answers through semantic search. This allows the search engine to have a better understanding of what the user is looking for by not only exploring the keywords, but also by determining the contextual meanings of the words the person uses to search. The JSON schema describes the data in machine-readable and human-readable documentation.

It also provides information to the search engine to better understand your content, providing the best results possible. Enhanced descriptions appear in search results for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo.

At the age of RankBrain and Hummingbird, having this markup can have a major influence on your rankings. It's also a huge advantage right now since less than a third of search results have a JSON schema.

Taking advantage of this tactic can dramatically improve the way your web page appears in the result lists.

3. RankBrain

RankBrain was introduced in 2015 as an artificial intelligence system that uses machine learning to process search results.

Google claims that this is the third most important factor in determining rankings. The program is part of the Hummingbird algorithm to sort the billions of websites and pages to determine the most relevant information for the user. RankBrain is particularly important because it allows you to process keywords with long tail.

It interprets the query and translates it with the semantic search function to find the best results for the user. To keep up with the algorithm that continues to learn and adapt to users' search queries, start adding more natural language to your keywords.

4. Write for the reader, NOT Google

At the beginning of SEO, many companies used Black Hat type techniques to improve their rankings. It could be anything from fake keywords to invisible text.

Google strives to provide the best possible experience for the user, so these techniques can now impact your rankings. Instead, Google and other search engines prefer useful and informative content. Although you still want to include both short and long tail keywords, your content should focus on providing the best resource and possible response to the reader's query.

Convincing content leads to more social sharing and encourages readers to stay longer on the website and explore more pages. These are all factors that Google uses to determine the authority and rankings of your site.

5. Social sharing

The social sharing will also be a need for SEO in 2018. After all, shared histories often rank well. This is because social engagement tends to increase both the total number of unique pageviews and your organic clickthrough rates.

You can improve your SEO with social shares worked in two ways:

- First, you want readers to easily share the content. Place the social share buttons on the top and bottom of the content.

- Second, make sure your content is relevant and attractive. This creates a more natural desire for readers to mention and link to your website and share content on social platforms.