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Nov 4, 2018
I know How You feel right now about anything that has to do with Online Investments, Making Money Online and Earning on the Internet since the aftermath of MMM and the likes(Other Ponzi Schemes).
Especially if you're a Nigerian/African reading this, You'll understand me and will most likely be in that category of people I mentioned above.
Am Sure You're asking yourself: "Is this another Ponzi Scheme in Disguise"?
NO!!! It isn't.
Trust me, There are numerous Legit and Trustworthy Online Earning Platforms that are Scam-free and not Ponzi Schemes.

One of them is what I'll show you in this Post.

Just Read On and Let Me Unravel Something You've been missing if you're not yet Making Money Online from Wakanda Nation Income Program.
One of The Most Exciting about this Website is You can actually Get Started For FREE. Yes, You heard me right.
This is not a Ponzi Scheme or some other programs that requires you to sell a product or get downlines under you before You Earn like Network Marketing and the likes…

The Wakanda Income Opportunity is sponsored by Wakanda Nation Web Forum where you go to read latest news and happenings in Nigeria.
Don’t you know about, Lindaikeji's Blog, CNN, BBC,, and Opera News App? All these above listed Sites have one thing in Common which is NEWS

Wakanda Nation does exactly what they do, only that theirs is a bit different because They let you Make Money as you post, share, read and comment.
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) doesn't pay Britons for reading news.
Cable News Network (CNN) doesn't pay Americans for reading news.
Neither does Linda Ikeji does so on her Blog despite all the Money She has used her Blog Followers to acquire over the years.
Nor Nairaland. com rewards Nairalanders for the Internet Data they spend to visit Nairaland.
Opera News App powered by Opera doesn't pays its Users for using their App to read News except from a meagre N50 airtime or is it N25 self which is no longer in existence and probably a contest to win prizes once in a blue moon.

But Wakanda Nation pays both Nigerians and Non-Nigerians for reading news and interacting."
Can You Just Imagine That?

It's not just a News Hub. it's also a Social Media Site of its own where you are paid to do the normal things You do on Social Media. And what are those things You do on Social Media?

Comment or Reading of posts
Creating/Posting Good and Orignal Posts/News
Sharing of posts.

All this are what you all do on Nairaland, Facebook, Other Social Media Sites or Web News Forums/Blogs(CNN, BBC, Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, etc) and You get nothing in return(except you're an Internetpreneur/Internet Marketer/Internet Business Owner) after wasting your time, data and energy. But there's this website that says come let us pay you for all this things you've been doing.
You can interact and chat with Members and also advertise anything freely to thousands of people by posting to the right topic section.

You also get to read educational posts and contents on Business, Make Money Online Tips, Entrepreneurship, Latest Tech, Smartphone/PC Tricks and Tech "How To" Tips.

If you're a Blogger/Website Owner, You can also use their website to get traffic and backlinks to your website(and paid for it) if you know what you're doing.

Who is the Founder of Wakanda Nation

This website is powered by Ladina Integrated Service, a Legally registered I.T. Business in Nigeria with CAC NO: BN-2558110 and ready to feed you with the latest nigerian news.

Everyone has a problem, But See their own problem here:

The problem is that Wakanda Nation can’t just start getting a lot of visitors in and outside Nigeria to read their latest news, so they want someone like you to help them share their stuffs on Social Media and in return they pay you.

and See,

On those Mega News Website we mentioned earlier, You read news or happenings around the World, but You are not paid a dime.
Instead, they just make money off You. Same as the Tech Giant Social Media Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

So you see? Wakanda Nation is giving you this awesome opportunity to post for them and make your money.

Wakanda Income Program has been helping a lot of Smart People and is a Source of Income to many because of the Weekly Salary they get from it. They'll continue to Pay their Members Every Blessed Sunday provided that the Existence of Internet and Social Media. Lol?se

According to them, their Motto/Slogan is


How you get paid is through;
  • Login in to your account on their website
  • Reading news on their website
  • Commenting (Also known as interacting with others)
  • Sharing their Sponsored Posts on Social Media so your friends can see and read too
  • Posting Good Forum Topics/News on the Site
How Does Wakanda Make Money They Use In Paying Members?

Hmn!!! I know what you're thinking right now. *smiles*
Am pretty sure you've been asking yourself the above question immediately I said Wakanda Nation is not Ponzi Scheme.
Are they dashing members free money? You would ask, Lol.
Wakanda make their own money when members register and participate on the site

The more members the platform has, the more companies will pay Wakanda to advertise and make sales for their business because they know the products/services they want to advertise on Wakanda can reach a large audience.

That is one way Wakanda Nation make a lot of money they use in paying members. So its not like Ponzi scheme where they rob Peter to Pay Paul.

Another Avenue they get money to pay members is through a platform managed by Google to pay website/blog owners when they allow Google to place ads on their website. So Google too also pays Wakanda.

Now you're fully convinced and will agree with me Wakanda Nation doesn't rob Peter to pay Paul.

Wakanda Payment Proofs and Testimonials

Below are Bank Alerts of Happy & Blessed Members of Wakanda Nation.


Click Here to see More and Latest Payment Proofs of Earnings of N175,000 up to December 2018

Wakanda Nation Earning Breakdown/Benefits

Their Earning Breakdown is divided into 2 ways.

1. WADS(Wakanda Adverts-Revenue Sharing Program)
Wakanda Nation is paid to run targeted adverts by companies, agencies, corporations, businesses and Individuals regularly.

They have decided to give you part of the Money they make from advertisement if you participate on their Website Forum.

Each login daily you get N50
Each Sponsored Post(1 per day) shared on any Social Media, you earn N50
Each post or news you read and comment on is N2
If you're among the 1st 4 to 5 people to drop a reasonable comment on the daily Sponsored Post, you'll get N400 daily.
Each of your posts that makes it to homepage earns you N50 automatically

Please note that the post must be posted in the right forum, be well arranged, source qouted and necessary images added. Generally, They prefer original contents. If it is a copied Content, the Source should be accredited on the Post

2. WAP(Wakanda Affiliate Program)
You earn N1000 when you tell your Friends and Family to join you on this website by giving them your referral link.

"Getting Referrals to register with your referral link on Wakanda Nation Income Program is absolutely not compulsory for you to get paid"

How To Register For Wakanda Nation Income Program
Remember I said Registration is FREE which is absolutely True. However, There are Limitations with A Free Account which are;

No Sponsored Posts
You Can't Refer Peopleto earn N1000 per referral
And above all You won't be able to withdraw your earnings till You Ugrade your Account.
Those 3 things are the Limitations You'll get until You upgrade to an Affiliate Account with a small one time fee payment(You pay Once and Earn for Life). Am sure You won't want to experience such be cause one small fee.

Now, how much do you think it'll cost to sign up on this Website to enjoy all this benefits I've showed you on this Wakanda Income Program Opportunity?

N10,000? - No❌
N5,000 - No❌
N2,500 - No❌

Then how much?

It's just a token and one time payment of N1300 Or an equivalent of $3.3 worth of BTC if you're not a Nigerian. You pay once and earn for life, collecting Weekly salary.
Click Here To Raed Registration Procedures on How to Register Your Wakanda Nation Account

Sign Up Bonuses for Joining Wakanda Income Program

In my Quest to giving you more than enough value for your N1300/$3.3 worth of BTC, We decided to give you some icing on the cake with some mouth watering bonuses.

Click Here to read the Bonuses we'll give you and how you'll get it


Wakanda Nation Program works well, so you can start making money right from home in and out of Nigeria.
If you’re still doubting then, you may read other Testimonials from Happy Members here but people are making money already while you're still wasting time contemplating.
So don’t waste any more time.

Program is legit
You can make money from home with your Smartphone and internet connection
You don’t require a PC or computer.

You can check my Blog - or copy and paste on your Browser to read other Post and Updates like

Our Bonuses We'll Give You after Signing Up

Registration Procedures on How to Register Your Wakanda Nation Account

The Version of this Post(Wakanda Nation Review)

Wakanda Nation Rules to abide, How to Get started to start earnign after Registering, with Other Updates, etc.
If You have any Questions, You can drop it in the comment box below or any of my Posts on the Blog
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