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Dec 20, 2017
SmartHomes deliver to us new era of homes/houses that are automated, connected and occupant interactive.
SmartHomes is interacted with by basic speech commands, sensors and input command from a smartphone.
Imagine a visitor walks up to your door and knocked, from the comfort of your couch you give the speech command "door open" and it opens up.
Imagine at night your window blinds automatically close up and at sunset it automatically open up
Imagine in your living room you give the speech "lights ON/OFF" and the lightning comes ON/OFF.
Imagine from the comfort of your living room you could monitor your water tank level whether it's low, medium or full.
SmartHomes visions to bring these and more imaginations and innovations into reality.
• Smart homes , home automation is an evolving, developing and promising aspect of engineering technology.
• Smart homes bring homes to a whole new level of interaction, technology and luxury.
• Smart homes improves the comfortability and standard of life.
Smart homes solves the problem of unemployment amongst youths.
Smart homes increases the boom in the housing, engineering and ICT sector of the economy.
Smart homes solves the problem of stress and frequent manual home management/control thus improving comfortability