The Amazing Truth About making money with Blogging

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Web Hosting
Nov 5, 2018
First of first I wish to point out the sordid attitudes of webmasters and other bloggers who help others build their business online (create a blog/Website).

These said webmasters just to enrich their own pockets, Drive newbies into the illusion that once you joined the blogosphere you will hit millions in months.
Permit me to say this “it’s a big fat lie”.
Before you start up a website/blog with the sole aim of making money through it, then you have to really consider spending almost three years of your career penniless as you will engage with building your brand in the blogosphere.
Several of us (bloggers) think and see those we learnt from as rich and equal to task and we wished to be like them in two months or less prior to the time we started blogging under their surveillance.
Often times we get baffled when we get told how much bloggers make monthly without any solid proof of it but just words.
I am sorry to say this but it’s true, “the said bloggers still do not know the truth about what they took as their career”.
There are several truths to blogging but…