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Web Hosting
Oct 14, 2020
Hello Everyone!

This is Kevin, a full-stack web & mobile developer from China who has 10+ years of experience in this development field and a lead developer of a small team with 14 members.

During this period of COVID pandemic, we’re looking for a US-based man/woman who can collaborate with us via the Upwork freelancing site.

If you don’t have your Upwork account yet, we can help you to create one successfully.

1. Why Upwork?
- It’s still the best platform for freelancers all over the world in 2020.

2. Why with us?
- Actually, we’ve already worked on the Upwork platform for the last 6 years and every developer earned 10k per month on average and have our own powerful tech skills.

3. Why DO we need still a US-based man/woman?
- Our best accounts were suspended recently and it’s banned to create new Chinese Upwork accounts
- There’re a lot of “US Only” jobs in Upwork that pay high and provides many opportunities that can meet rich clients.
- The US account has always a high priority to be hired rather than other accounts.
Actually, you have two choices to collaborate with us.

1. Agent role(Preferable way)
- You will be a remote agent of our team who works with clients on the front side, which means you need to send proposals to the jobs yourself and once you get a contract offer, we will work on the projects on the backside.
- Generally, we will pay you 30~40% of the whole profit in this role.

2. Lending role
- You will just share your Upwork account with us and we will win jobs by sending proposals ourselves.
- Sometimes you will need to have a voice or video calls when a client requests.
We will pay you 10% of the whole profit in this role.

Payment way:
You will withdraw money from your Upwork account and can send us the appropriate amount via PayPal or Payoneer.

The future plan:
- We will scale the business to other freelancing platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, etc, not just Upwork.
- We have a lot of possibilities to scale the development team with young innovative developers as long as there’re remote projects we can work on.
- We may hire more agencies under you to form the agency team as long as our collaboration goes well and our business scales.

So finally we’re looking for long-term collaboration and you will never disappointed with me/us.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Gmail/hangout -
skype - live:kevlincred