The Effective Digital Marketing For Your Brand In Nigeria

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Dec 8, 2017
Lagos, Nigeria
Over the years with my online experience, i have gathered the list of the best digital marketing agencies in Nigeria. As a digital media company that has organized few free digital marketing training in Lagos for SMEs around Nigeria. Many of these businesses are still infant so they can't afford to employ an online advertising agency to manage the digital side. Truly, about 75% of most company's annually revenue comes from the internet. So, i wouldn't know of any business that will chose to ignore and not leverage on strength of numbers available online.

Whenever we run the digital marketing course, we carefully select the participants for the free trainings, we just want to make sure you're indeed helpless as you claim and really looking back, most of them have gained traction now.

The common problem i observed with almost all the companies we've worked with is the low conversion rate. It's one thing to present a brand or a product online for awareness and it's another thing to convert awareness to sales. Many business are putting so much money into digital marketing but all they are getting in return is awareness and no conversion. For a quick example, you know it can be crazy to run a Facebook ads for about N100,000 in 6 months and all you have is a name and no reasonable sales. A product with good conversion will at the long run work on auto-pilot (word of mouth), thereby, your online marketing budget would be reduced and sales won't be affected.

Every business oriented individual must engage in what I call Digital Marketing Conversion. It's a more effect process!

For the sake of growing companies and SMEs, let us quickly talk about the basics of digital marketing.

Lets say you have a product or most importantly, a brand, and you had like to connect with your audience through the use of digital channels such as the use of social media, search engines, email to create awareness for your brand. You need to remember that you are not the only person doing that business, you do have competitors but what will make your brand to stand out is when you make use of a good marketing strategy for your business which will bring you closer to your customers/ audience.

Knowing your audience is very crucial here this is because your immediate audience is your first market. See yourself as a brand and consciously engage your audience with valuable contents consistently.

To fully understand this concept, here is a list of the most important types of digital marketing.


Social Media can be the voice of your business. This is a great way to connect with your customers through the use of social media platforms to promote your product, this is done by sharing information with your followers, fans, interact with your customers in real- time and share engaging and inspiring contents with the aim of increasing awareness for your brand and even get awesome online reviews. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pin interest,You Tube which help you to build customer relationship by bringing your audience closer to you.


This is the process of optimizing your content so that it appears high on the list of result returned by a search engine (Google), is a popular search engine. As a result of this, the website will receive more visitors from the search engine's users; which then can be converted into customers. The searches can either include; the image searches,the video searches, academic or news searches.

This helps to increase the traffic of your blog or website. This isn't just about building search engine-friendly websites. It's about making your site better for people.


This type of marketing is focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. This type of channel help to increase the traffic of your brand from search engine optimization, which in turns generates sales and lead and also increase brand awareness . It builds trust and rapport with the audience.


This is a form of marketing in which an advertiser pays a publisher each time an advert is clicked. It is a way of buying visits to your site. For instance,if you want to place an ad on a TV station or a bill board you will have to pay for it to be shown to create awareness, the internet is the same as well where you pay anytime your ad is being clicked. You will have to be concerned about bidding, keywords that will make your site easier anytime any searcher comes in.

However, there are two important types of this type of marketing where you decide which to go for and they are the Google AdWords and Google AdSense.


This create awareness to your brand by making use of good mobile phones that has high picture quality, clean graphics in taking and making your products very attractive for your audience/ customers. Position your brand in a way that makes people want to buy.

Also, getting across to your audience through sending SMS( short message Service) and other forms of mobile marketing. This makes your audience to know they are not just a customer but very important to your brand as well.


You can as well choose this channel for your brand. This is where you get the help of another person like an affiliate marketer to promote your brand. And you earn a commission for each product you sell, both the merchant ( the brand, the seller) the affiliate and the customer are very crucial.

Remember you only need to be concerned about making your brand and getting the work done, who ever does the work doesn't matter. This help to increase your sales and lead as well.


This is the help of email marketers where you build relationship with your audience through sending regular updates to your email subscriber, send advertisement,solicits sales and request for business by getting across to large number of people.


This might not really be working in Nigeria yet, as data prices are still high and many online users are averagely concerned about using this data to watch just an advert. So we might have a problem there. But the right approach to this, is clickbait. Yes, click bait! Create a video for your brand or product, upload it the video marketing channels, like vimeo, youtube and more, use a very catchy topic that your average target audience can relate with, and make the video as short as possible. Most social media video channel has the time length of a video displayed eve before playing it. So whoever is watching would know how long your new video would take.

Video marketing for companies is important because your potential buyers or customers can actually "see something" and not "imagine something."

Can Digital Marketing Work For Your Business?

This is so certain because there is no business in any industry where digital marketing can't work for. Irrespective of what your brands are, as long as you choose the right marketing strategy then you are becoming more closer to your audience and attending to their needs.

So just like you, I'm thinking What Type Of Digital Marketing is right for my business? How Do I Know How to Do

It all depend on the type of business that you do, as long as you know your audience. Then you should also know how to you get them closer by choosing the right channels for your brand. Truth is, not all brands will do well on Youtube, and sometimes what a social media influencer would do, a facebook ads will not do. Again, SEO is king! So you're left wondering which of the strategies of digital marketing will actually work for your company. Before i just outrightly say you should employ BHN Digital, one of the leading online marketing agencies out there (of course we've seen it far and wide on the internet) i would want you to take a close look at any of your online marketing approach that has not been working before contacting us.

From all the above listed ways, knowing what will work with your business model is paramount. You can't apply the jack of all trades approach and you end up been a master of none. In my years of managing companies marketing budget, I've always worked with the brand identify and business model. Coca-cola for example may not need to invest on SEO or content marketing but more of video marketing to get conversion. Most times your target audience determine which of the listed plans to apply. At BHN Digital, we're more about conversion and not the noise. Now, you are left to rethink what you've been doing wrong and what type of digital marketing will be suited for your brand. You can contact us to manage your budget.

It is often said that customers are very key in business and as an entrepreneur, your first relationship is the one you create with your customers both current and prospective.