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New member
Dec 23, 2017
Something is not right!

The story doesn't add up

Forget sentiments and whatever you've already heard so far, let's analyze this very well.

⚪️When Innoson was arrested, his ish with GTBank started flying around.

Before I proceed, I need to make an observation at this point... If that ish was released by an outsider, the person is most likely ill-informed and not in the best position to release that info; if it was released by his media people, then he's no different from ladies that post screenshots of inbox conversations... that was meant to be private!

Back to the analysis...

1. There's no proof that GTBank were behind his incarceration. We only know it's EFCC that arrested him for sure.

I waited to see their official statement regarding the issue, and was convinced it wasn't what we all believed to be.

2. The said issue happened between 2004 - 2010, and since then, they've been in the courts. If GTBank wanted to do anything to him, why didn't they do it then... Why now? It's 7 long years already! The story might be true, but it doesn't add up at all, and it's not enough to buy my sympathy.

3. In GTBank and EFCC's official statements, they made it clear they arrested him because it was discovered he forged documents (in GTBank's name) in order to have some goods delivered straight to him, goods that were supposed to be GTBank's until Innoson's pays for them or something (I didn't have to go through the story before I understood what happened, so I can't exactly remember the exact deal). He was also invited to come for questioning or something, and he didn't show up... So they had to come pick him up.

You know what I think?

Remember when Ifeanyi Ubah was arrested?
The government was owing him, and it seemed they didn't have plans to pay back... So he sold oil belonging to the government and collected his money. Remember?

I think this is exactly what happened here...

Innoson had a deal with GTBank and decided to collect his money through that avenue, since it's quite obvious GTBank won't be able to pay up.

I think he actually did what he's being accused of, and this whole media campaign frenzy was his back up plan to use and force GTBank to settle out of court and let him be.

You don't think so?

Think it through...

⚪️In all the messages we've seen so far, he hasn't said anything regarding the actual issue he was accused of. Everything has been about the money GTBank stole from him, and how they arrested him cos of it (which I honestly think was meant to buy cheap public sympathy...and we all just played into his plans perfectly).
⚪️GTBank released official statement late, they appeared surprised and stunned by the whole thing. That sha is not enough to prove they're innocent, but you never can tell.
⚪️He was released immediately, after GTBank released official statement... Methinks his plan is already working.

You know what is going to happen?

⚪️GTBank is already going down, and they'll mostly likely accept his terms, just for him to calm the public down and prevent the bank from shutting down.
⚪️The court case will be closed, as GTBank or even him, will prefer to settle out of court.
⚪️Innoson will be a happy man cos his plan worked perfectly.
⚪️All the senators that supported him, will get compensated.

Believe whatever you will, but I think GTBank is the victim here, and y'all who joined the crazy campaign were all played...pawns in one master chess game.

I'm going to open a GTBank account next week, and still go ahead in pitching my proposal to them. It's a pity that those they serve do not trust them well enough to believe them.

Morals of the whole ish...

⚪️Politics is a dirty game, and when mixed with business, becomes even dirtier.
⚪️Do not in your life, ever trust an Nnewi man...especially if he's a business man. Ask any elder from Anambra State, he will tell you same.
⚪️Igbos are still politically insecure, and ready to jump to conclusions once "political unfairness" is painted very well.

This is my opinion on the whole ish though... doesn't mean I'm right about it.


New member
Dec 22, 2017
Anybody that uses gtbank know that they are corporate robbers. You cannot save 2000naira in a student's account for two months, it will all be gone in the name of 'card maintenance fee' (Card that is in my pocket). You cannot purchase 200naira airtime without being charged up to 150 and above. So imagine people that have millions in their account and the deductions that will be made monthly and multiply by seven years. I remember being charged 2000naira in a month as sms alert charge (I do not even receive alerts). That was the end of my deal with Gtbank. Lets not even talk about their awful customer service. Imagine entering a bank and hearing there is no cash. NO CASH. INSIDE A BANK. Good luck with your account opening though, I wish you the best