The need for One Nigeria

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Dec 27, 2017
Nigeria can never achieve greatness without unity. My good reader, I fear for what people will say concerning this article because each person has been trained to be tribalistic and sentimental in view. I await the scorn of illiterates who claim a place in the educational system, I know tribal lords will criticize this article but I do not care to listen to them for if I do then I must abandon the present work. Common sense welcomes dictates of opinion, and the society progresses by clash of opinion and so anybody can show his/her bad education by being unfair to truth.

The writer of the book “Things fall apart”, Chinue Achebe declared in his historic novel that “when things fall apart, the center cannot hold”. This he said through the ‘persona dramatis’ in the novel, Okonkwo.

In the whole of that novel Chinua Achebe emphasized on Africa and the consequences of colonialism and the impact of Africa and Africans. The years of things fall apart has come and gone but yet things are still apart. The entity called Nigeria is still apart, the medium of national unity has not been able to find itself back to the center again. The question that comes in mind when we talk about unity and oneness in Nigeria is;

• Is the unity necessary?
• Is secession the best solution?
• Why secession?
• Why unity?

In all these we must ask ourselves again, what is the essence and business of life?
To the brilliant students of philosophy, the entire business of life is to move forward, advancement in all its ramifications. Then the rational mind would now seek to know the means of this advancement in the national level. Will secession facilitate advancement in Nigeria?

A clear answer to this questions will go a long way in solving the present predicament that has made all of us stand on one leg, without knowing how to forge our future due national and tribal forces. The two forces at war with each other have made Nigeria an oven for her citizen.

Who are the manipulators of the tribal forces and who those in charge of nationalist forces are? As we have them now, so we had them before, as they had never been of use to us before, so they are of no use today.

Due to ambition, the orientation of our youth has changed because the leaders are all interested in using them as a means to an end rather than treat them as an end in itself. No nation can be sure of her future if they don’t know the historical background of its origin. As Marcus Garvey puts it “There’s no future for those who do not know their history”
One Nigeria! One Nigeria!! One Nigeria!!!
This was the declaration made by Nigerians all over, after the organisation of African unity declared the civil war 1967-1970 “No Victor, No Vanquished.” But today it seems there is a sudden departure from what the international community saw as a means to a positive end.

The trouble with Nigeria is that we do not have a founding principle and that is why anybody can say anything, any region can come up with anything. What we all agreed to accept after the war has turned out to be nonsense of today. The OAU declared the war “No Victor. No Vanquished” that we may still see reasons to operate an equal platform with the sole reason of each person seeing another as equal and not the other way round which is the way we have decided to operate. We live in an illiterate society and so, lies gets around before the truth wears it pants to get going. Our people can follow anyone as long as the person is saying what they want to hear.

I write to the youth for knowledge and it is for those who want it and at last there’s a saying as thus “An elder that counsels the youth in moments of decision making has provided greatness for posterity”. Let us not be the proverbial bird that met the clean water first, but never drank form it.
Nigeria is one geographical area of Western Africa. The people who have been opportune to live and die here are not expected to form hostility, divide out into thin air, but to continue in propagating the founding principle of African unity, Pan Afrcanism and African unionism. Hence, we must rise like men who know their bearing and declare with one voice “One Nigeria”.

We’ve got reasons to stop ethnicity and tribalism, with unity we are unlimited and unstoppable and with division we build bulwarks against societal progress. But with one voice all the way, one nation, one principle, one goal, one colour and one Nigeria; we can project our country patriotically atop the world map.

About the Author;
Chinedu Ejike is a writer, avid reader and inspirationist. He has used the power of words to build people over the past few years, through his articles, papers and write ups. Chinedu puts his love into words and help you connect with the people + moments that matters. You can connect with him on LinkedIn (Chinedu Ejike)
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