THE NIGERIAN YOUTHS: An average problem.

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Dec 28, 2017
NIGERIAN YOUTH:An average problem
Their have been an artificial injection of adrenaline, into the excretory systems of the Nigerian youths, following the victory of George weah, in Liberia. Social media have been predictably housing agitations and sleepery complaints. I mean we have over 150 million population in Nigeria, and 80 percent are youths, Social media, sould be overcrowded by now. . But what happens when the birds goes back to their coops?. I have watched the debates unfurl, concerning the Nigerian youths and Nation building. The youths have been tagged "The leaders of tomorrow".Many Nigerian elites will agree with me that " the strengthe of a Nation, lies on the promise of its youth".But what happens when the youth does not understand the language of Leadership?.Bertrand Russell, was absolutely right when he said "The fundamental cause of the problem, is that in the modern world, the stupid are cocksure,while the intelligent are full of doubts". You either put confidence on something, or you are being used as a " Confidence " by something, this is very evident amongst the Nigerian youths. The Nigerian youth have not only lost confidence in themselves, but the government and the future, as a result of this wrong equation, Social media has gotten an unbalanced participation from the Nigerian youths. we keep making beautiful sounds with wrong instruments, always hoping for a Socio- polutical change,meanwhile the reality of our government is a mere illusion to social media. The Nigerian youth have not only channelled energies to irrelevant things,but has become generated energies in destabilizing the Country. We have sold our vision to Social media and other absurd practices, we constantly blame the Government and make oceans of complaints, when we should be respecting the laws of Revolution and Innovation . "We can't solve problem by using the same kind of thinking , we used in creating them"_Albert Einstein.The Nigerian youths must move from the blame game, the cards are diminishing!! .The Nigerian youths always begins at the root of everywhere problem, placing curses on the Ancestors, they help in winning elections, by becoming political thugs and carrying their handbags.We fail to use logic and the consciousness of the present world, to meet the demands of Nation building and National Development. The western world is depicted to be 250 years ahead of us, in terms of infrastructure, and Technology!! What are the youths actually not doing???, because we know what they are doing, what are our Nigerian graduates ought to be doing??. Harvard university, Yale, Oxford and so on are producing graduates who are making impacts in innovations, but we spend mist of our time praying for the Country to progress. Wait, a minute,a prayer that can't change a Nigerian youth can't change the entire country. Of a truth, the reason why the united state is a developed nation,despite are diverse nationalities, is because they put their Country first, above all their Nationalities.
The Nigerian youths are to an extent pitiable, No vision, no plan for the vision, no moral Compass pointing due North, we just accept whatsoever the Government offers us, as a privilege. When we manage to Subscribe, (thanks to GlOBACOM for cheap data)we go online and start vormitting what we digested. Research has shown that an Average Nigerian, can spend Seven uninterrupted hours in Social media, but can't spend less than two three hours reading or thinking . Their can't be another Nmandi Azikiwe or Herbert Maaulay, but their spirit can be impacted on us, when we read their works, How many Nigerian Youth knows the history of Nigeria, but most of us rediculouslt knows the salaries of some notable players in European
football. Claude Wauthier rightly said that "Africa, for the Africans are full of the unexpected" when I look at Nigerian youths, that walks on the street showcasing Gucci, Versace, Prada,enriching the economies of other nations, I see a future full of the "Unexpected". Wole Soyinka, said that " His Generation was a waste", many Nigerians ,including the youths have concluded that this generation is already wanted, but their is always a way of recycling materials that looks like wastes. A Nigerian youth who is an average problem is that Nigerian who has betrayed the Nigerian on the mirror, Is that Nigerian, who has lost confidence in himself, is that Nigerian who has lost Confidence in his motherland. It is time for the Nigerian youths to take responsibilities, by responding to the Consciousness of the current times, it is time for the Nigerian youths to think more than they type, it is time for the Nigerian youths to move from the blame game to change game. This can only be actualized if we go back to "Reading" and critical thinking which leads to Innovations.
Education and innovative ideas, is a Conditio sine qua non, for every nation that craves for development. The mantra is, let us move from the "blame game to change game".
God bless Nigeria.