The pains of an Nigerian woman.

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Dec 28, 2017
The pains of an Nigerian woman.
Been an Nigerian woman can be one of the most amazing things imaginable even if alot is expected from you even than some political administration. Some of these expectations could be biased depending on how you view them. These expectations run deep into the African woman upbringing that it's becoming to seem normal no matter how hard you think about it.
These expectations could include how the Nigerian woman sees a lot of things in life but my question is according to the acceptable norm in Nigerian society should the Nigerian woman even think at all? Since all of our thoughts always seem to look like we lack total respect. Some women disagree with this point of view because they don't seem to understand that the norms of our society puts a limitation on our ambitions and aspirations as Nigerian women.
Another question I have is what the definition of success for a Nigerian woman, is it marriage or child upbringing? My reason for this question is because I have noticed that the men of this generation believes that's the only place of a woman in this century as much as things are changing and this same men are not ready to take the responsibility for proper running of the household. They expect the woman to be very active and when she is they get intimidated and try to put the woman in her place once again and when she disagrees to stay in the background she becomes unsubmissive to the same man that asked her to take responsibility
Another question I have is that does asking all the above questions make a feminist. I ask this because I have realised that asking all the above questions and trying to behavior out of the norm of a Nigerian woman makes peopke believe you have become a feminist. This becomes a rebellion to everything they believe and have taught for years leading to been brought down than the people you thought believed in the same values you seem to believe in.
This is just my cry as a growing Nigerian woman.