The rate at which smart phones changes our lives

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Dec 22, 2017
What saves the stress of a delayed ambulance at an accident scene? What saves the stress of shopping manually? What saves the stress of delivering letters quickly? What saves the stress of booking flight manually? What eases the stress of banking manually? What enhances faster communication particularly with someone at a far distance? What quickens the report of criminal cases and accidents? What has helped in keeping records such as pictures, schools’ results etc.? What enhances the comfort of watching a blockbuster movie on the net? And more importantly, what eases the stress of carrying a heavily-built separated desktop or even the laptop which is bigger than the smartphone? The answer to these questions is the smartphone. The list goes on and on as smartphones plays major role in man’s both diurnal and nocturnal activities. Thus, the influence of smartphones in the way we live cannot be overemphasized. In fact, there is this feeling of somberness that evolves when we forget our smartphones at home before leaving for the day’s work because we become ambivalent as to how we would cope with the absence of smartphones. This is because there is a dialectical attachment to our livelihood and the smartphone. A vivid epitome was a young lady who got a job at a warehouse where she was meant to resume 8am and close 7pm. She was told that phones are not allowed into the warehouse and should be kept at the security terminal. The lady without hesitating left the venue of the company even before induction. She claimed that she cannot cope without her phone because this is the only means in which her parent could get to her in cases of emergency saving them the stress and funds of boarding vehicles to get to the company where she works and that during the work’s break hour she will get bored. This further elucidates the point that smartphones changes the way we live, because such young lady would not have thought of such reasons for not accepting the job if it were to be centuries back when smartphones were not in existence.
Ways in which smartphones changes the way we live
Statistics revealed that, sixty-one percent of smartphone users claimed that their phones help them keep in touch with friends and family, sixty percent proved that it keeps them connected to their spouse or significant other and eighty-five percent of smartphone users claimed they would miss them if they could no longer use them. This is to show the intensity of human dependency on smartphones, because smartphones have invaluably, in deep efficacy changed the way we live and is still in the process of changing the way we live as smartphones day by day are undergoing progressive improvement. A research showed that some people claimed that “they are their smartphones”, due to the fact that some people life revolves round the efficacy of services a smartphone provides.
An important aspect in which smartphones are changing our life is in the manner with which we carry out our religious activities. Nowadays, worshippers use their smartphones to connect to religious programs to save them the stress of boarding vehicles which might be stuck in traffic or even when a torrential rainfall comes preventing them from leaving the house. Also, important religious programs are attended via the net with the use of smartphones. In fact, workers in the church use a conference video call application on a smartphone to participate in the weekly rehearsals. The improvement of smartphones applications has led to the creation of different versions of Bible and Quran applications. Smartphones made the Bible and Quran much more accessible due to portable mobility. However, this has made users of the Bible or Quran applications to abandon their religious books.
With the evolvement of electronic banking, smartphones with the help of the internet has transformed the mannerism with which banking was practiced some years back. Oral tradition from our grandparents and parents revealed that trading, payment of taxes and other activities were tedious as they would queue for long hours and sometimes days before they could be answered. In addition, they would have to travel to places where banks were located. Unlike this present times where you just control your funds with several touches on your smartphone. In fact, the presence of online stores such as Jumia, Konga, Asos, Dealdey, Yudala to mention a few have made online marketing easier in the commerce sector. Just right at one’s convenience, one picks up the smartphone and shop online, pay online while the product is delivered to you. This saves the labor of driving one’s personal car or boarding buses and it decreases the tendency of getting robbed. Also, smartphones has obviously reduced the number of people that visits the bank to engage in any transaction and simultaneously ensuring that there is reduction of crime at the Banks as crimes especially the bombings takes place at the places with myriad number of people, as banks had created means of banking with the smartphones. Short codes which will be dialed on the smartphones are created and subsequently banking instructions follows the dialed code on the smartphones. Funds are transferred; trading services are paid for etc. just with the use of the smartphone that has been synchronized with the banking systems.
There is a drastic change in the manner with which we communicate. Communication has taken different dimensions with the use of smartphones. Very importantly, is the ability to communicate easily with relatives, bosses, friends, parents in whatever way we want it irrespective of location. Even sometimes tutors use it to teach their students, especially in situations where the program of study uses the distant learning system. Lecturers also record lecture notes with the smartphones and send through available means of media applications to students for easier access, saving them the stress of writing and even jumping buses to get to lecture rooms, most particularly for university students who find it lazy to attend classes. Another change in communication is the introduction of social media applications which could be accessed easily without stress particularly with the help of the internet through the smartphone. The social media applications such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, BBM, Facebook app, etc. with their different in-built ways of communicating all available on smartphones makes global communication easier and cheaper. In fact, these media applications are now being used to pass information such as news, job postings, advertisement, scholarships, essay competitions etc. and not just to communicate alone. However, verbal and written communication proficiency has degraded as short forms of words are used commonly for spellings. Also, luddites and terrorists have used this change to their advantage as they have used it to share their next target and sometimes claim responsibility of terrorism through the social media on smartphones. The mailing system too is another aspect that has changed with the use of smartphones. The cost and stress of sending letters through the post offices are no longer needed as various emailing applications accessed through the smartphones have been created. Examples are Gmail, Yahoo mail and hot mail to mention a few.
The rate at which smartphones are changing our way of living could be attributed to the interplay of cheaper mobile plans and improved advanced application downloading culture. Thus, the efficacious effects of smartphones depends on some other responding factors.
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