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Dec 23, 2017
Why do we have unions? Have you ever thought about it? To be part of or to belong to something bigger – like an identity perhaps? To regulate the activities of its members? Or to protect the rights of its members? What other reasons could there be?

What if there was perhaps another union you don’t know of? One so big and powerful you can’t even imagine the number of members it has…perhaps the biggest union there is. Ever thought about it? Just hold that thought for a while…I’ll get back to it.

Before I got to know about the existence of anything like this, I’ve always wondered whose job it was to administer karma on people; I’ve always believed there was a being or an entity or system, whose sole work or purpose of existence is to serve as a judge of character or action. I thought about atheism…in a post I made on Facebook, I remember not believing in atheism because I thought that every belief should have a basis on which right or wrong is determined. I thought about it, I knew that there just had to be a system that serves as both basis and judge of character and doings…the system itself so effective than religion at that, judging by the less crime rate in countries or communities whose inhabitants are predominantly atheists.

I thought about religion itself…the existence of many religions, yet ruled by only one supreme God. I believed there has to be a system which unites all these religions…a system that has to be set in place by that one Supreme Being. I believed that if there was anything like an afterlife, that there has to be a general system that determines where one will find one’s self upon dying. That was before I read the alchemist…

*Download full PDF here ?

THE SPIRIT OF THE UNIVERSE: FACT OR MYTH? - By Evan Promise | | Official Site

The file ain't much...roughly 500kb. It's not that long either.