The strengths and weaknesses of social media marketing, blogs, rich media, email marketing, SEO, and online advertising?

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Dec 22, 2017
As Mark said, knowing specific strengths and weakness would somewhat depend on what you are marketing. For example, if it was a product for younger people, social media could be a better medium than email. Email would have the weakness of not reaching the intended audience.

However, there are still some more general thoughts that I can throw out.

First, a weakness of ALL of these, (and a lot of marketing), is that people are fickle. What grabs their attention and motivates them one day may not do it the next, so you have to constantly be keeping up with the flow of society.

Social Media

Pros- You could potentially read a VERY broad audience VERY quickly and social media is a good way to interact with your customers. Customers typically like interaction instead of just being "blasted" to. This will also give you more of an insight into what makes them "tick."

Cons-You have to be very smart in your approach because doing the wrong thing could get you in hot water, since there is such a wide audience watching. Bad PR spreads as fast, (if not faster), than good PR. Also, what works on social media is very trendy. It can change every day, so you have to spend time researching what might work.


Pros- This gives you more space to provide a feel for your company and to show your expertise.

Cons- People have attention spans that are getting shorter by the minute, so many may not take the time to read a longer piece of writing, unless it is really engaging. For this reason, make sure you get a GREAT writer that knows the subject well, which can sometimes be hard to find.

Email Marketing

Pros- Most internet-connected people have email, even if they do not participate in social media or use the internet broadly. So there's a good chance you could reach them.

Cons- You could always be considered a spammer, even if you got your email list legally and morally. (Although the chances of this are definitely less if customers actually opted-in to get messages.) Not only could you get blocked from an email provider, (which would take out anyone who uses that service), but it also hurts your company's reputation.


Pros- When doing research, people will go to a search engine as their first step, so great SEO could get you at the top of the list. People rarely go past the first page of results.

Cons- SEO is a moving target because of the ever-changing algorithms that search engines employ to rank their results. It requires a considerable amount of time to keep up on the latest information, and even then, that information could be outdated the day Google changes their engine.

Online Advertising

If targeted correctly, (the key word here is targeting it to the audience that would be most receptive), online advertising can expose your message to a myriad of visitors. However, people have also become adept at just ignoring online advertising because of the flashy, loud graphics and popups that used to annoy so many at the beginning of this medium.

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