To good to be true!

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New member
Mar 22, 2019
Why is it I find myself having been scammed by others similar to myself? We have major industries that have billions to wipe the a*s with and still the ones we decide to bleep with are the people we should be partnering up with , it blows my mind. When I say this I don’t mean carding etc cause those MAJOR Companies have to deal with the debt not the people. What I’m referring to is the person who designs lies to draw in that stuggling to make ends meet person who has resorted in having some kind of faith in humanity and puts their bleeping all to just get a*s fucked by a low life couple hundred dollar needin idoit whom probably had the ability to help Change that person life, which would cause a brothership and allown the underdog to pull together and be one but no bleep no every man for themselves .... I know there are true Hackers the ones that use there talent to take down the self absorb soulless corporations but where?? You hundred dollar needing nobody put a bad name on true Hackers... If anyone has an opinion please post or any leads. Thank you


Active member
Dec 22, 2017
@Bk1228 you're right. That's why the darknet has lost some trust. Hacking really isn't evil, and because it's hacking doesn't mean it should be scamming. Thumbs up to the legits.