Top 3 Best Plugin For WordPress You Need To Download

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Apr 6, 2018
Top 3 Best Plugin For WordPress You Need To Download

Hi guys this is "Tevcy" again it has been a while I come up with a post because of some reason and that, but am back now? so I so I decided to come up with this article, lot of you have been using "wp" but don't know the best and tending plugin you should have in your wp site.

So today am going to tell you the,
"Top 3 best plugin you should download and keep it running in his/her wp website"

This is a list and download link below and so before doing anything quickly check the Plugin below

1.Yoast Plugin : Free/paid
Yoast is a Free And Premium plugin that can help you set your SEO fast and give you tip to fully set your website so that Google we index your post faster eg On-Page-SEO and the rest, download Yoast Plugin By clicking

2.Jetpack : Free
Jetpack is a cool plugin so, is a great plugin design and develop to work with your wp App, by this way you can see your starts dashboard true your wp App.

3.Google Analysis : Free
Google Analysis is a program crested to read all your starts and tell you all at once is really helpful the Plugin is really helping all bloggers should be using this to know where traffic is coming from and how many of them time each person visit your site stayed, this plugin can all tell you how many people is visiting your site true site engine (the second and time) so without talking much clicking "" to download this plugin.

Believe me once you try this plugins you won't regret downloading it

More Blogging Tutorial Coming from Tevvy Stay Tuned For More Update!
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