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Dec 28, 2017

The skyrocketing number of unemployed in our society mid a lot of questions among those being governed and even the governing.
Undoubtedly, it is indeed a national anthem to discuss the menace that do accrue from unemployment in our society especially among the youth.
This deadly national crisis has brought about different sought of thoughts and imaginations from different Angels and dimensions. It has equally attracted to itself analysis of varying degrees, submissiveness and conditions from all-the adults, youth, teenagers and even the little kids.

Excessive emphasis on paper qualifications have added a stew of confusion among the government and the governed. The governed keep pointing a vise finger to the government for the structure and pattern of education system in which upon the graduation of its students they are personally forced as the only means of survival to seek for paid work which is not there even if it exist it is limited. Hence, this menace becomes unavoidably in our society with impunity staring at us for a rewarding solution which is not forth emerging either from any of the government or the governed. The question now is, WHO WILL BELL THE CAT?

A lot of questions have paved way in the thoughts of many whether actually the problem is from the government who have failed woefully on creation of means of employment among its citizens which is one of the individual right to be gainfully employed,which is now to the detriment of our democracy. Or shall the factory of learning from which they were hatched to be blame, WHO KNOWS WHO IS TO BE BLAME?

The master minders of our societies had in the past set a ground now filled with confused impression that "Education is Power", " Education is the Key to Success ". Yes, these motivated most of our youths to acquire formal education which they said is " The Power" and "The Key" on getting to that particular door, one find out that the padlock has being changed after much effort to unlock the success with the already gotten key to success. At that point one is seen as helpless and unsuccessful which will eventually lead one joining the normal wagon "unemployed" NOW WHO IS WITH THE RIGHT KEY AND WHO CHANGED THE PADLOCK?

For ages, we have being guttering in different climb of confusion about the nature of the nation's educational system. Yes, Nigeria as a country had being involved in numerous change of system of education in pursuit of the best ranging from the era of British Colonel till date. Even a vivid check into these different system of education have added nothing or brought about any solution.

Advocations of making vocational training more attractive by all hands being on desk is no longer a news. Yes, is a believed idea by all and sundry, as the only means out of this intractable national calamity but who is ready? Were everybody needs white collar job, which is seen mostly among the graduates.
We should try to identify the problem, because we are holding it.

To make this nation great, all and sundry, government not excluded, should make provision for soft loan without collecteral and low interest,if possible to all unemployed to help them start something worthwhile and also be ready to patronise them ad encouragement to put in their best.

As only this can't eradicate this problem, serious rule and effort should be put to ensure that civil servants who have reached the age of retirement do retire as and at when due so as to give room for new in takes and promotion.

If the government can equally setup a cottage industries so as to create more job opportunities for the unemployed. At least we will go a greater height to curb this menace