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New member
Dec 23, 2017

You know you smart
You read minds… you a clairvoyant
Your mind is always rowdy and noisy…but you still have tact
You’re not alone

You love books…anything that stimulates your mind
You read a lot, more than you watch don’t like your mind vacant
You predict moves before they’re made… it all plays out in your mind
You’re not alone.

You keep taking everything in…you do more of observing
You wish for more always… you quite pregnant*
Multitasking is not a new thing to you…feels like playing
You’re not alone

You sometimes create an alternate universe on your own
Everything is perfect in it…you’re so proficient
You see beyond what others can…you think you deserve a throne
You’re not alone.

Sometimes you feel you’re alone
Because no one else understands how it feels…you seem so redundant
You feel so powerful and so out of this world…maybe you an aeon
You’re not alone

We are one tribe…one country
We have one voice…we can hear each other
We are different… we operate on a higher frequency
We’re never alone; we’re always within reach of each other

We’re one nation…we have visions…we’re victims of our own stronger imagination.

©️Evan Promise 2017