Want to be an Ethical Hacker? Learn Faster with These 8 Websites

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Dec 22, 2017
Here some of the useful websites for learn about the basics of hacking:

  1. www.hackaday.com
  2. www.evilzone.org
  3. www.hackthissite.org
  4. www.breakthesecurity.cysecurity.org
  5. www.eccouncil.org/Certification/certified-ethical-hacker
  6. www.hitb.org
  7. www.sectools.org
  8. blog.hackersonlineclub.com/p/learn-hacking.html
These websites are collected from an article visit this and choose the one which you can understand easily.

Do you know of any website that's not listed above? Drop it in the comment box and it will be added to the list.