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Dec 20, 2017
Mobile marketing can simply be defined as online marketing. It is a type of advertisement that targets an unseen audience. These prospective buyers are advertised to through their mobile phones, most especially smart phones. We have different types of mobile marketing in which four types will be briefly discussed. These four types are SMS marketing, MMS marketing, App marketing, and In-game marketing.

SMS marketing is the type of marketing in which a prospective buyer receives a message on his/her phone detailing the product on sale. The message is usually a bulk SMS that carries the name of the company or the title of the product on sale. This message is usually regulated by one's network provider so it won't become a nuisance on one's phone. The SMS detailing the product must not be vague or ambiguous.

MMS marketing is a little different from SMS marketing in the sense that MMS usually contains multimedia files. The advertisement could be done with the aid of a slideshow. This slideshow will contain everything about the product. The disadvantage of this advertisement is that not every prospective client will bother opening the message.

In this type of marketing, advertisement is done during the playing of a mobile game. The new product will pop up during the game encouraging buyers to click on it to find out more details. For this to be possible the game must be an online game.
The major advantage of mobile marketing is that it reaches a wider audience.
Mobile app marketing is the process of making marketing campaigns to succeed in your users at every stage of the marketing funnel. Learn key mobile app marketing tactics for each stage of user engagement together with your app. Engaging your app users throughout their entire experience together with your app:

Discovering your app
Downloading it
Completing the onboarding process
Staying engaged
It includes the incentives offered to prompt engagement and therefore the overall visibility of your app within the app store

For mobile app marketing, the magic lies in performing effective marketing activities designed to draw in new users, improve retention, and lower churn rates. Mobile marketing is any marketing activity that occurs on a mobile device from responsive web design and A/B testing on mobile checkout pages to mobile-only display ads and email marketing.