What Is TOR And Why It Is Different From VPN?

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Apr 6, 2018
🏷 What is TOR and Why it is Different from VPN?

📦 Some of you maybe confused about That What is tor and how it is Different from vpn. So TOR stands for The Onion Router and it works in such a way that it creates a Layer over layer such like a onion of IPs so that it becomes Very tough to track any person from where he is actually surfing the net. However in VPN, It connects to a Particular Country you select for example America/USA, but in TOR it will not connect to a particular country but 1st connect to any one country and from that ip creates another connection to any other place, like this it make a no. Of layers of IPs and makes so tough to track anyone.

I hope You have understand That What is TOR and How it is Different from VPN, For Such More Information be updated with us!!

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