What is WhiteHat SEO?

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Dec 22, 2017
I was originally worried about ranking my sites and it was too difficult to learn about SEO. However I found a website where I learned much more about Search engine optimization and it's strategies. You'll find more information in this article. Not really a self campaign, but they helped me a lot so I want to give them a reference right here. Right now, I will explain in detail about your question.

White Hat SEO refers to search engine optimization processes that respect search engine guidelines.

White Hat SEO includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices that enforce the guidelines of search engine providers such as Google , Yahoo! or Bing and thus do not violate them.

The term white-hat-SEO comes originally from the English and consists of the terms "white-hat", so "white hat" and "SEO" together, which means as much as search engine optimization.

This name was probably chosen based on a classic scene in old Western movies: Two cowboys are facing each other and are about to duel.

The bad cowboy wears a black hat and the good cowboy wears a white hat.

Therefore, the best practices in search engine optimization are referred to as white-hat SEO.

The content of White Hat SEO

Basically, search engine optimization aims to make your website better ranked in organic search results.

And while black hat SEO is almost an exaggeration of these efforts and is characterized by the use of intensive spamming practices, such as the use of doorway pages , Russian links , cloaking or redirects, White Hat SEO takes advantage of these spam Practices distance and fully comply with the search engine guidelines.

In general, White Hat SEO is primarily used when website owners want to make their online presence searchable for their users in the long term via search engines.

Because natural link building on high-quality content, the search engine guidelines can be easily adhered to.

However, the room for maneuver is beyond on- page optimizationrather limited here.

So it happens that many online marketers with their SEO activities but often in the field of so-called gray-hat SEO.

This means that while they do not deliberately violate policies through any spamming practices, they try to improve their ranking position, for example, by targeting external websites.

This is also disliked by search engines, but it is more tolerated than activities within black hat SEO.

In other words White Hat SEO is a practice used to improve search performance that is in line with the terms and conditions of a search engine. These tactics stay within the bounds as defined by Google. Examples include:

  • Offering quality content and services Using descriptive,
  • keyword-rich meta tags
  • Making your site easy to navigate

  1. Quality Content
  2. Use Structural (Semantic) Mark Up and Separate Content from Presentation
  3. Titles and Meta Data
  4. Keyword Research and Effective Keyword Use
  5. Quality Inbound Links


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May 28, 2019
White hat SEO is the opposite of Black Hat SEO, Generally, white hat SEO refers to any practice that improves your search rankings on a search engine results page (SERP) while maintaining the integrity of your website and staying within the search engines' terms of service. These tactics stay within the bounds as defined by Google. Examples of white hat SEO include:
  • Offering quality content and services
  • Fast site loading times and mobile-friendliness
  • Using descriptive, keyword-rich meta tag
  • Making your site easy to navigate
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Feb 18, 2019
White hat SEO means that all SEO techniques done by following search engine rules and guidelines...
Very well explained, thanks for sharing the post...