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Dec 27, 2017
Money has been defined by many in many ways. Text book definition says that money is a legal tender. Another says that money is a medium of exchange. The definition that it is a legal tender may not hold much sway. Why? Because what that implies is that the day we all agree that it is not money then it is not money! This is why we have trade by barter in the olden days. Then we had cowries, shells and other items. These mediums of exchange were tedious and new legal tenders had to be introduced. Convenient legal tenders had to be introduced. We later moved to coins money and paper notes. The paper notes were of different denominations based on the inflation rates in the country and the goods being bought and also the financial status of the buyer. Now we also have electronic money in form of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, MIOTA and many more. The forgoing have shown that the textbook definition of money may change from time to time.
So, what is money?
Money is actually the reward for solving a problem. The moment you are able to solve a problem money will be the reward.
Where is money hiding?
  • Money hides in problems. Some motorists saw a big stone on the motor way. They all stopped to ask who put the stone there. Everyone came out of his/her vehicle to comment on who put the big stone on the way. This dragged for a long time. They kept talking about the problem. Later, a poor man that was trekking came around and saw the crowd and went close to inquire about the cause of the problem. He was told that somebody must have put the stone there and that it was obstructing traffic. The man simply went close to the stone, picked it up and threw it outside the road. The stone landed ‘gbooaaaaaaaaaaa’ and broke open and inside of it was found money. The man was able to solve that problem that others were not willing to solve and he eventually made money. The moment you also find a problem and solve it you will make money. Be a solution provider and not a problem addition. If you solve little problem, you will get little money. If you solve a great problem you will get great money.

  • Money is hiding in people. The more people you have in a place the more potential to make money through the selling of goods or services. If there are no people who do you want to sell to or buy from? Money is hiding in people! That is why the Chinese, Japanese and other producers of goods keep sending their products to Nigeria and other populated places in the world. About 20 million people are in Lagos, Nigeria. If anyone can produce goods or services that will catch just 1% of that population daily (200,000 people), such a person will be a millionaire in a short while with a profit of even 50 naira per head! Money hides in people - there are over seven billion people on earth today. Offer them value and they will offer you money in return.

  • Money hides in different opportunities. Everyone has come across one opportunity or the other at one time or the other. There are people who have had the chance to handle a million at a go and have waste it. That’s why lottery winners go back to become poor. Because they did not maximize the opportunity that came their ways. Mike Tyson, a former rich boxer who lied in large mansions was later to sell those mansions because he had become broke. Some have opportunities to meet remarkable people and have made something out of it while others too have wasted that chance. Open your eyes and prepare well for the opportunities that come your way.

  • Money hides in gifts and talents. Everyone has a gift and or talent. No one in untalented. In fact many are multitalented! Many are also gifted. They can do some things easily which others find very difficult to do. Convert that your talent and gift to money. A woman who never went to catering school will just fry chin chin, bunce and other snacks at her home for free for people to eat. People enjoy it. Yet her family complains of lack of enough money to pay their bills. Later she wised up and started selling the snacks which she previously made for free. She started supplying different places and the financial level of her family changed. Look in wards at what you can do legitimately with your talents and gifts and people will be happy to pay you.

  • Money hides in products and services. There are so many products and services that are begging for people who will help sell them. Offer to sell some of these products and services and you will make your own profit. Look at areas where some products and services are in high demand and work to get the products there. In Nigeria, some people travel to Niger and Kebbi States to get dried fish which they bring to Lagos or the south to sell. Some people also travel to Edo and Ondo states in Nigeria to get palm oil to sell in other places at a profit. Many also travel to Dubai to get needed products to sell in Nigeria at a profit.
These are a few places where money is hiding. Wake up and do something. See you at the financial top!