What You Should Fix To Get Google Adsense Approval For Your Blog

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Dec 22, 2017
Google adsense has no strict boundary set on page views. You can apply for adsense now but make sure on few factors that google considers before approving an application.

Content: You content should bide by Adsense publisher policy and is readable. Content should be helpful in all aspects and content should be in line with google adsense policy.

Design: Have a decent design with minimum distraction, not too many widgets and easy navigation are key areas you need to focus on.

Age: Age does matter a bit, creating a blog today and applying tomorrow will not help. Adsense team emphasizes to apply at least after 6 months because 6 months is enough time to get enough traffic so as to fearlessly apply for adsense.

Traffic: Initially traffic was a mandatory but now it’s not. However a steady traffic is recommended to increase chances of approval. Hence the 6 months will be worth waiting.

I’d recommend to wait for 6 months and in this 6 months make the best out of search engine and get all the organic traffic you can and improve your ranking on search engine