Which are the email marketing best practices which drives results?

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New member
Mar 3, 2020
Hello everyone,

I've been looking for some fresh tips for getting more results from an email marketing campaign.
I already know about, using email marketing software, email list hygiene, Personalizing emails and other stuff like give proper opt-in opt-out and all.

Please share some new ideas guys.


New member
Apr 22, 2020
Some of the popular Email Marketing Best practices are-

  1. Don’t purchase contact lists.
  2. Avoid Using ‘No-Reply’ in the sender’s email address.
  3. Stick to fewer than three typefaces.
  4. Optimize the email’s preview text.
  5. Clean your mailing list regularly.
  6. Keep the main message and call-to-action above the fold.
  7. Personalize the email greeting.
  8. Keep your email 500-650 pixels wide.
  9. A/B test different subject lines and calls to action.
  10. Put your logo in the upper lefthand side of the email.

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