Which video downloader for android should you install or not!!!

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Jan 20, 2021
Almost everyone has a smart phone now day and about all of them are using different social media networks and different video websites. It is a common need of every smart phone user to install a video downloader app to download videos from different social media apps, status and movies from websites.

For this, when we go to play store, we find a rush of video downloader apps with different titles which makes user confuse to select a best one and legit app. Unfortunately most of such video downloader apps don't work perfect on each device. If you install other apps like vidmate and others to download youtube videos and other media files, they show you lot of ads and drain you phone battery too while downloading.

So, it is still a question mark that which video downloader for android should you install?

As per my opinion, you don't need to install multiple apps to download videos from from different social media apps separately because it wast your time to open and close each app to download videos. For this, it is better to install such app which has all famous social media apps in it.

I have tried a lot of top rated video downloader apps but facing some issues in most of them. Recently start using this smart free downloader all video downloader and find it very cool and smooth than others. It never drain your phone battery and best thing about this app is its smoothness.

At the beginning, i disappoint about faebook auto play videos download but after disable auto play in faebook settings, the issues solved and now i am enjoying to download any facebook video without any issue

Well, the app still need some improvements but overall it is a nice one and better than other free video downloader apps, that;s why i am using it and suggest you to let me know a good app like this if there is any thank you :)