Why Google Do Not Ban Adsense Accounts Easily Anymore (A Detailed Explanation)

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Feb 16, 2018
Hint: have your webpage or a friends webpage ever been disabled for Adsense ads serving as a result of webpage Adsense ads policy violation?

You will need to read this carefully if this have ever happened to you or a friend as knowledge is something to pass on.

I suppose you have seen severally the notification that google sent these days everytime any of our website pages violated google Adsense policy.

Sometimes if our website pages violates google Adsense rule we will be notified that ads serving to the violating page is disabled for content violation.

Google Adsense in yesteryears always ban websites from showing google Adsense and also ban google adsense accounts easily without any provocation or any fore warning.
Recall we write to suite the needs of our dedicated viewers.

“I guess you could be asking yourself why this is so”.

Well here @blogincomes we believe we could give a hand on why this is so. If you have never received any google Adsense E-mail speaking about google Adsense page violation of ads and disabling of ads serving on the said page.

Note: such page violation as I have seen and worked on occurs in entertainment niche websites and several other websites of such sort.

We wrote an article on why google Adsense publishers will go down with time previously and here is a step google took to ensure that websites do not get banned for simple page violations.
As much as we could assume, google Adsense do not ban a whole Adsense account for simple website page violations but can only suspend your ads serving as a result of some serious violations which could lead to permanent disabling of account as it was before the new policy.

I am not writing this article on a loose mind without proof as certain reasons lead. To the writing of this content.

How I knew about google page violations penalty

Few weeks back I received a report from a friend and a co-blogger concerning a page violation mail he happened to receive from google on his ads serving being stopped on a particular page that didn’t comply to Adsense rules or better still which violated Adsense policy.

I was requested to provide an answer suitable enough to explain the E-mail message and so I went on a research.

I took several weeks to explore what could this new google notification possibly mean and I got a clear answer from a forum enjoined by elite bloggers who answer blogging questions for beginner bloggers.

“I must confess it was my first time of seeing such a message from google Adsense team”.

Here is a screenshot of the proof of why Adsense say such on page violations these days:
google search: webmasterworld.com

According to the answers I got from the forum, it is said that google Adsense have changed their policy for violations which are:

. Not to ban Adsense accounts permanently for simple page violation issues.
. Pages which violated google Adsense policy will be removed from google SERPs to avoid further harm to the said google Adsense account.
. The said page having the issue of violation will never be indexed by google unless the error is fixed.
. A clear information on the violation and the violating page is given for better understanding.

Having listed the new violation updates, we hereby resort to tell bloggers that this is never a reason to say that google Adsense do not ban google Adsense accounts permanently, NO because google still do ban Adsense accounts for severe violations.

As a result of these updates from google Adsense, we hereby have three basic penalties for Adsense page violations which are…

. Page ads serving disabling
. Temporary Adsense ads display ban (which doesn’t last for too long, 30days/a month)
. Permanent Adsense ads display ban (cannot be rectified, in other words last forever)

Why we wrote this article

We wrote this article to clear the air with some google Adsense publishers who still think their Adsense accounts may be disabled after seeing these E-mail messages from google about web page ads violation and disabling of ads.

You would need not to panic as this is a minor issue to take care of and also try rectifying the issue with your webpage so as to enable ads serving again on your website.

Note: if any of your webpages violated google Adsense policy and ads serving on the webpage was disabled, your whole Adsense account will not get banned and you will not run any shortage of income as the case may be.

According to our checks and experiments, we saw that where Adsense web page violation occurs is basically in pages containing responsive link ads as web visitors tend to click on them severally as a result of its conformance with web articles keywords and topic.

When the responsive link ads conforms with your articles topic very very well, your visitors tends to click on them as many times as possible which leads to a call to detect invalid click on Adsense ads.

“These clicks used to detect invalid clicks always generate from non-user interest in ads and repetitive ads click”.


The lets Wrap up

We believe that this article answered some question about the new development with google Adsense team on Adsense ads serving violation policy.

Hence you need not panic on receiving such an E-mail from google as it is not a severe issue but we seriously advise you do a thorough check on your website and find what page is conducting the violation and do well to put things in order.

Source: Why Google Do Not Ban Adsense Accounts Easily Anymore (A Detailed Explanation) - Blogincomes