why use email marketing: Best reasons why SMM should embrace this

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Dec 19, 2017
What is Email marketing?
It awful how most self-acclaimed marketers fail to realize or understand the meaning of Email Marketing. This is an act of sending emails (messages) to a group of people/community for the essence of advertisements, sales request, donations, and also business requests.
It is a form of direct marketing were you communicate to an audience through emails. So, therefore, once an email is involved as a medium through which one reaches out to an audience, it is termed Email Marketing.
An email marketer must have to build up trust with the customers under his control in order to acheive his goals/aims.

Furthermore, Email marketing is a strategy to boost your SME businesses. It is a platform through which you get a wider audience to know about your product or service. Over a decade now, email has proved to become a platform through which marketers generate higher ROI, i.e. email is the best marketing strategy for every marketer.

Why does one need to brace E-mail Marketing?

1. With Email Marketing, you gain wider reach
Undoubtfully, when there are lots of email addresses in your database, you're sure to gain massive impressions on your product/service. Every smartphone/online user has an active email. E-mail can be said to be the web currency and as such connecting with your customers can never be so easy and stress-free as using email marketing strategy.

2. You engage more mobile customers with less stress.
Another great importance of email marketing is linked to its ability to reach mobile customers without devoting much to the lastest marketing technologies or softwares.

3. More words to write and no charges available.
An email allows unlimited character counts while some other text formatting platforms have limited character count and also sending emails do not incur charges like SMS messages and the likes.

4. Email create leads and sales
Though most marketers are not too interested in focus driven conversations with their customers, a marketer who engages in this is sure to create leads and also turn his/her customers from ordinary customers to engaging/paying customers. Email conversations can go a long way to promote your SME/StartUps.

5. Email will stay until eternity!
Yay! Email cannot die but social media networks are liable to fade as new one ones erupt. We all saw what happened to MySpace and this can also befall the this-day social media giants if proper strategies are not employed.
But emails will be with us FOREVER.

6. It has Higher ROI (Return On Investment)
According to an analytic result from VentureBeat, email is seen as the channel which created the highest ROI. (image shown below)
View attachment 6
With an unmatched ability to generate leads and engaging conversations, gaining a higher ROI through email marketing is not a big deal for an experienced Email Marketer.

7. Email marketing is inexpensive but most effective
For a digital marketer, Email marketing is the most effective, easiest and inexpensive strategy to reach out more audience. It lets you connect and communicate to multitudes while you pay in just pennies.

Things to consider while trying to use the Email Marketing strategy as a Digital Marketer
1. Always write catching titles/subject lines:
Taking my self as an example, if i should see an email without a catching title, even with an important tag I'm not opening it immediately. I'll have to read others and then get through with my coffee before reading the contents of the mail if i wish.
Catchy subject lines play a good role in getting people engaged to your emails and possibly your products and services. It will make your customers respond quickly.

2. Be plain, simple and straight.
Many poeple hate it when someone is bitting around the bush, to keep your existing/potential customers intact with your mails, you've got to be plain, simple and straight. Always be brief (Hit the nail on the Head).

3. Minimize rigidity, improve your Hilarity
No matter how serious your service appears, always try to make your mails lit and full of humor. No one would like to deal with a rigid marketer.

4. Avoid mistakes and irrelevant mails
Don't bombard your subscribers with irrelevant emails and try to avoid mistakes. Always ensure the content of each the emails are relevant and channeled towards a targeted service.

5. Be responsive.
Always try and respond to replies as soon as possible. An automated response can help out in this aspect.

Here are the best main reasons to embrace email marketing strategies and also some success tips for beginners. Kindly drop your opinions, views and suggestions.
Thanks and have a great day

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Nov 22, 2019
Here are six reasons why email marketing is necessary for a small business.

1. It effectively acquires customers.
Email marketing is four times more effective than social media for acquiring new customers, and the acquisition rates are climbing. From 2009 to 2013, for example, customer acquisition through email marketing quadrupled. That means email marketing, not social media, is the best option for your initial brand contact.

2. It is affordable.
Email marketing is one of the cheapest forms of outreach available to a small business today. It also has one of the best ROIs available for brands of any size. For every $1 spent on email marketing in the United States, the average return is $44.
The advantage of email marketing is that you can include the same elements of direct mail, including its interruptive effect with send time optimization, without the printing and postage cost. Sending out an email blast to an entire list often costs less than the price of lunch.

3. It is personal.
When you address an email marketing effort in a personable way in a subject line, you have a 20 percent better chance of the recipient opening the email.
That's just the first step toward making the email feel like a personal message instead of spam. These are some other ways your small business can encourage a click-thru:
  • By sending out a specific email to subscribers on their birthday or anniversary date with your company
  • Through a product offer or discount related to their previous purchases with your business
  • With topics that cover items of interest for your subscribers
With a well-constructed email, you can automate this process to benefit your brand without a large time investment.

4. It creates a call to action.
People are more likely to purchase something when they feel like they've invested themselves in a product or service. By encouraging a click to open an email, you begin that investment process. Encouraging another click after reading the email is the next step on the path toward a conversion.
Even if a click doesn't happen, continued emails to interested subscribers create a drip campaign that can lead to success. That is why you'll see some results immediately, while other results happen over time.

5. It gives your brand access to mobile users.
The average person checks their phone 80 times per day. Three out of every 5 people will use their mobile device to read and respond to emails, 44 percent of people check their inbox up to three times per day, and 18 percent of email users say they check their inbox for new messages up to nine times per day. This is why email marketing is such an important component of a small business growth strategy. It puts your message right where your prospects happen to be.

6. It provides measurable results.
Unlike other forms of marketing, you gather measurable results with email marketing. You can see which campaigns are effective and which are not. You can even test different email outreach efforts to determine which one will make the greatest impact.

Other forms of paid marketing cost more and do not offer these advantages. Tailoring your message to each consumer may be the greatest advantage that email marketing provides to small businesses.

How are you using email marketing today?
Many small businesses avoid email marketing because they fear it will be too expensive. You don't need to pay someone $200 to write an email or $1,000 to design graphic-based content for your brand. You can accomplish many of the tasks that a good email requires from the comfort of your own computer.

Embrace your creative side. Call your subscribers to discover the strengths of your brand. Offer a strong value proposition. When you can embrace the reasons why email marketing works for small businesses, then you'll be able to pass the eight-second attention span test.

Thanks & regards,
Brenda R.

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