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New member
Dec 23, 2017
When I was much smaller, I wanted to be a banker. I was just fresh from winning my first state medal in mathematics, and I figured I should put the maths thing to good use. Few years later, my younger sister said its banking and finance she wanted to do. I got so upset i didn't eat for two days.

I decided I won't do banking again. I went for accountancy instead. It wasn't a funny something.

By the time I got to senior secondary school, I opted for Engineering. Not like I liked it then or something... My mum just loved the sound of it, and I was the best in physics, maths and chemistry - I felt it will be an easy slide for me. The other option was mathematics which I considered too boring to do for 4 years.

2 years into the university, I was tired already. Engineering in Unizik wasn't an easy something and it gave us small respect...but I was tired of it, and the whole system entirely.

The system wasn't what I expected... I know that. But that wasn't just it. The system wasn't meant for me... I wanted something else.

I don't want to be a banker or an accountant or an engineer or anything at all sef. I'm much more than that.. They're limiting, and I can't subject myself to anything below me. My certificate(s) might read B.Eng, MSc, BA and what have you. But that's it, that's just where it will end.

I want to be me. I don't have a name for that yet, because I'm the first of my kind that walked this earth. But I know I'm much more than anything any tag or title can offer, and I'm not ready to accept limitations because I'm in a messed up country.

I want to be me. I wanted to be the perfect human being on earth... I still struggle to get there. But I've realised recently that I'm more interesting and fun than him, and if I work hard enough at it... I will not just become him, but he will become me.

I want to be me, because being me is more fun and unpredictable than any other thing, and the prospect of spending my whole life discovering that is very very mouth-watering.

I want to be me because I deserve that right to choose... to want to be me. I shouldn't be made to go for something else because society wants me to conform... that's bullcrap.

I want to be totally, originally and unapologetically me

...and you really should be YOU!