Wow! Get PAID in Bitcoin/Paypal When You Receive SMS with THIS New App

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Mar 21, 2018

Use this code to start earning instantly: 222B54CC77E

So i came across this app and i observed it for a while and i see it's actually working. You can make money online passively by running the app

You can also Invite your friends to join Money SMS and earn 30% from their withdrawals.

Once you download it, you just need an e-mail address and a phone number to sign up. The next step is to register, provide your payment address and launch the app.

After that you allow the app to run on the background because that's the way they can send you text messages and also when your internet connection is up.

Shortly you will start receiving messages from the system. Such messages start with random letters within the content and you will get paid €0.02 for each received test. You can request money withdrawal as soon as your balance hits 2 EUR. Receive your money in 48 hours

Use this code to start earning instantly: 222B54CC77E else you won't receive SMS as scheduled.

So guys, let's start making money receiving SMS only.
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