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Dec 22, 2017
As all say, the basics are what takes you ahead!

For being a hacker ( a real one)

  1. Learn programming ( its not an option, rather a must!)
Learning to make your own tools is a must for a hacker, start with learning C/ Python. Upon advancing get hands dirty with Ruby/ Perl. These will help you make scripts to automate attacks and create tools.

Once you are adept at this, learn atleast one servers side language ( preferably PHP, otherwise JSP/ ASP)

2. Once with programming, learn database! That’s where the heart of information of any site lies. SQL queries, database management systems will help you immensely in attacks such as SQL Injections etc.

3. Linux and Shell Scripting. Oh yes! Never you will find core hackers lurking in windows! To harness the true power of hacking, you have to get hands on in linux and shell scripting, most of the hacking tools are also in Linux based systems also! ( greatest proof: You will find backtrack/ kali linux)

4. Now comes the part of networking! In and out of TCP/ OSI Layers and IP classes, VLAN, subnetting is a must for having knowledge when it comes to Network Penetration Testing.

The above all are in a nutshell. Once you master them, you have a wide array of domains to choose from including but not limited to:

  1. Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment ( Web Apps/ Network/ Mobile/ Thick Clients/ Web Services etc)
  2. Binary/ Network Fuzzing/ Exploit Development/ Hunting 0 days
  3. Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
  4. Cyber Forensics
  5. IOT/ Cloud / VOIP Security testing

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