Your thoughts makes the difference

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Dec 28, 2017
We all have the great ability to meditate on whatever catches our attention at any point in time. This ability to think is what everyone can do. People have expressed their thinking capabilities in different manners.
Some have developed their thinking ability to unimaginable depth while some have decided to limit the expansion of their thoughts to simply what they can see around them at a point in time.
The result of great thinkers are what generations to come will continue to emulate and improve as time goes on. The result of the thoughts of the likes of Leonard da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Archimedes, William Shakespeare, Socrates, Pythagoras and many others has resulted in the foundation of various innovations and teachings of our present generation. The list of great thinkers of the past is inexhaustible.
Individuals who are mediocre will argue that the above mentioned names are far fetched and that these great minds were not exposed to the same set of distraction that tends to make them thoughtless. We shouldn't forget that some people can also be called great minds in our generation. Such people includes the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and other people whose great works are worth mentioning such as Cynthia Breazeal who has done commendable works in artificial intelligence , Steve Wolfram who made name in mathematics, Seth Godin a marketing guru and Stephen Hawking who made name in astronomy and physics to mention a few.
What made these people stand out is their ability to think out of their present and see things in an entirely different manner, making name for themselves in their respective fields.